Tities Sapoetra x MAKEOVER

Fashion01 November 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Tities Sapoetra x MAKEOVER

Tities Sapoetra currently collaborated with MAKEOVER for his closing fashion show in 2017 at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 (26/10).

Along with two fashion designers, DIINIRA and SEAN SHEILA, Sapoetra presented his collection for Jakarta Fashion Week under the theme “WANTED”. Just like in his David Bowie and SpongeBob Gold collections, Sapoetra still played a lot with his authentic bold colors and prints.

The designer states that the trend for upcoming year would be oversized coats and dresses, along with blazer. “I think sturdy cuts like those in blazer symbolizes strength on women”, he told HighEnd. When it comes to color, Sapoetra believed that there is no limit on experimenting with them. “About my prints for the collection, I depicted many different physical features of women, showing how diverse they are. On the other hand, they are all equally beautiful.”

The color palette used by Tities Sapoetra X MAKEOVER includes electric shades, warm and bright colors, as well as a combination with pastels. The color applique stands out on lips, where MAKEOVER and Sapoetra experimented with two lipsticks with different color: purplish shade for the bottom and warm pink for the upper part of the lips.

Watch Tities Sapoetra’s highlighted looks at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 and interview with HighEnd below, or discover on our Youtube page.