Tip: Effortlessly Beautiful
Larasati Oetomo
10 April 2017

Effortless beauty, as trending right now, is not without effort. However, the effort is worth it. Say goodbye to layers and layers of daily make-up and go with more detailed, simple touch. Whether it is nails, lashes, or brows, the right treatment for these tiny yet important parts of our body will enhance our look even from waking up in the morning.

  1. For lash, both natural and synthetic lash extension is on the top of beauty wish-list. We might not need the antagonistic drama lashes to win attention in daily use—instead a more subtle, natural looking are more engaging. A brand new studio salon in Pakubuwono, Periwinkle, had a range of lash choices that suits your everyday style: natural, mix, to 6D.

  2. Moving up, we got eyebrows to take care of. This one is a little bit classic touch, since the all-bold brows are promoted by beauty influencers around the world. Some experts (e.g. MAC) predicted more natural, messy-looking eyebrows to rise in 2017. Thus, it might be the right time to refresh our brow embroidery or micro-blading treatment. At Periwinkle, they also provide semi-permanent make-up for lips and eyeliner as well.

  3. Now the eyes part is saved, we still need nail to toe rescue for effortless beauty. A relaxing session of manicure and pedicure is a biweekly must. Enjoy the luxurious VIP session with a cup of coffee or tea, nutritious pedibombs, and accompanied by closest friends. Some nail-arts could be an alternative to steal more attention.

  4. Last but not least, beware of tiny unwanted bushes of hair on the other part of the body. It could be a total turn-off to have everything else on point while we forget to get rid of the beastly hair on our legs, for example. Make sure to apply safe, premium products for waxing since this would be the most painful, yet most important step of effortless beauty.

Worry not, now we can have all the best hands to treat you all mentioned above at Periwinkle Studio—complete with VIP room and premium products like Revitalash. Why not book now and try yourself?


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