Tinting Your Home Coral

Design07 January 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Tinting Your Home Coral

Ever since Pantone released Living Coral as their 2019 color of the year, our head are rushing in coral ideas to paint our haven.

Coral might be an unusual color to paint your home with, but it is actually a magic color that automatically turns your room into a lively space. Here’s how to do the trick:

#1 Touch of Nature

If you have the audacity to pick coral as the color of your wall, then you should have the same audacity to mix it with planters. The cool greeneries do nothing but improve the liveliness of corals. This waterfront apartment as photographed by Stamatios Giannikis is a great example.

#2 Going All In

Australian-based design house Tribe Studio offered you yet another way to see corals: as ceramics. Mix them with off-whites and turn your bathroom into a scene from Wes Anderson's movie.

#3 Feeling Blue

Here’s the rule of the thumb: always mix corals with cooler shades such as green and blue. Coach Outlets gives us a brilliant idea to keep our bedrooms dreamy and not flashy.

#4 Textured and Allured

Hinting a sense of warm texture will keep your room down-to-earth. Sherwin Williams utilizes wooden interiors and white colors to balance the liveliness.

#5 Keeping Up with The Rustics

Alright, alright—you might be unwilling to throw out all your rustic touch from the past years. Here, Elizabeth Drake introduces the subtle way to use corals: just a tint of it here and there, and you know you’re not living in black-and-white film.