Time for Feminist Home Design

Design23 March 2018

By Larasati Oetomo & Ahda Arifa Ismail

Time for Feminist Home Design

Since Alice Constance Austin created a housing design that allowed kitchen and domestic labor to be liberated as shared instead of being merely women’s responsibility, “feminist architecture” was introduced in early 20th century and continues to grow until today.

As if the world is ready to swift into a fresher social environment, the trends amongst interior designing are revolving around feminism. Here and there, a more chic and stylist flair of design replaces the all-too-masculine technological homes.

Say Bye to Neutral Colors

Who says walls need to be white, gray, or cream, otherwise it will flop? We are not living in black-and-white world anymore. Colors from lavender, statement pinks, burnt yellows and organic greens are said to make a trend this year.

Save More Work for Beauty

It’s time to minimize every domestic work possible. As modernesque and handle-with-care home decorations like chandeliers fade, it is time to use more modest materials which tend to be easier to clean like carpet tiles, no-lining flooring, full-sheet/concrete materials, and clear walls. Also use fewer decorations but more effective ones like a standing lamp or partition with popping-up design.

Give Room for Imperfection

WabiSabi, the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection, is one of the leading trends for 2018. Worry less about imperfections in your home like weathering, crackled effects, and oxidization because they got tricks to make it look beautiful.

Always Go for Longevity

Designers mention that it is important to design a space that reflects the geography and architectural surroundings. Natural elements within an urban abode result in a beautiful space with longevity that will stand the test of time.