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Things to Do in Sumbawa

Travel23 October 2017

By Sandra Jasmine Firyal

Things to Do in Sumbawa

Sometimes we all think we need a hidden place to relax our mind on a beach. Despite being a popular choice, you might not want to go to Bali because there will be too many tourists there. Take some time to visit places beyond Bali and fly to Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.

Sumbawa is one of the best parts of the world if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with stunning scenery! Thankfully, the island still has a beautiful landscapes and unspoiled places mostly untouched by common tourists. Below we list down the top things to do in Sumbawa to gain ethereal solitude.


The majority of travellers are surfers. Thus, Lakey Peak, Yo-Yo’s, Super Sucks and Scar Reefs are must-visit destinations for surfing.

Act Like Locals

Don’t hesitate to ask your guide to stop by when you drive through the local village like Ratenggaro Village because you will be amazed by its authenticity. Don’t forget to say hello to them especially to friendly little kids. The people are so nice and warm. You can even take a photo with them if you ask politely.

Enjoy the Golden Hour

Strolling around before the day turns dark, try driving to Savannah Wairinding Hill and watch the sunset there. Try to enjoy the golden hour by lying on the hill grass and see how magnificent Wairinding is.

Take Time to Chill

While in Sumbawa, try to take time and give yourself some gifts. Heading to the beach sounds perfect to relax and refresh your mind. You can also witness clear Milky Way at night only on Persaudaraan Hill.

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