The Truth about Keratin
Robin Boy
28 November 2018

Is keratin really the secret to flawless hair? One Piece Hair Studio has given us a hint for that.

One Piece Hair Studio by Hisato, a top-notch hair salon with imported technology from Japan, has made a new breakthrough by presenting “Keratinized System Treatment” a.k.a KST to celebrate the end of the year. But first of all, how does it work?

Keratin is used to seal protein in your hair, fixing the porous hair that leads to tangles, frizz, and breakage. Since our hair is made up by keratin, it is a natural substance to our hair.

The KST treatment is specializing in fixing dull and dry hair by filling the keratin into the hair shaft, making it shinier and more voluminous. The KST itself consists of collagen and keratin, it is water-based, and doesn’t contain any dangerous formula for customer and the environment that can last up to 3 months. With that, expect nothing but a soft and bouncy hair without any frizziness.

It only takes 6 simple steps to do this treatment. The first is washing your hair with Japan technology Carbonated Water System, where it can exfoliate the dead skins on the scalp, something normal shampoo can hardly does. Then, the hair will be blown dry before it is applied with the Keratinized. When the appliance is finish, it will be blown dry 100% and will proceed to bio programming using flat iron. Finally, when all is finished the hair is ready to be styled.

However, to prevent the keratin in the hair shaft from being removed, the hair should not be exposed to normal shampoo that contains silicon. Swimming and any form of activities that involve the hair getting soaked by sea water is also not allowed.

The KST is available in all One Piece Hair Studio outlets in Jakarta with a 20% discount.


PHOTOS Courtesy of One Piece Hair Studio