The Most Fashionable Street

Men's Corner29 June 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

The Most Fashionable Street

Everybody was lost in the latest Men’s Fashion Week. Once you blink, you’ll miss the view.  Hundreds of people swarmed on the most fashionable streets in the world. We were all lost in translation for words—but very fluent in style.

It is hard to maintain our focus on the streets of Milan, Paris, and London these days. People are chattering, smoking, and shuffling with coffee in their palms. All of them dressed so nicely you’d think they came straight from the runway to the pavements. In a second you’d wonder, “Wow, how do I steal that look?” and in another second, they already passed by.

Phil Oh, who is responsible to take the most fashionable snaps from Men’s Fashion Week for the past few years, really has a good eye for these finesse. He captured all the best-dressed ladies and gentlemen shuffling around the streets of the shows. Very helpful act when you have hundreds of lookbook walking around you.

If street style is the Holy Bible of trend-setting, then the Fashion Week’s streets are the stairway to heaven. All the hints you need to take on 2019 style are here—and it includes a more radical use of fanny packs and mini bags.

It is also the time for you to declare the termination of skinny jeans. Bermuda shorts and oversized trousers are still enjoying their place on top. And yes, we’re sorry to announce that ugly sneakers and knee-high socks still retain their popularity despite the criticism.

If you are that kind of person who would swipe left athleisure if only they are on Tinder, then you can try on the 60s flower generation looks which make their comeback this year. All you need is to steal your dad’s velvet coat and shameless flower-patterned t-shirt. Of course, you will also need a pair of flared jeans to rock the stage.

In terms of colors, shades of white are still a popular choice, as paired with pastel suits. Prep looks start to run out of number, though they are still quite popular among women.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Phil Oh