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The Monster Chapter II

Art & Culture02 May 2019

By Febi Ramdhan

The Monster Chapter II

"The Monster: Chapter II Momentum" was exhibited at Galeri Nasional from 22 March to 7 April 2019.

If you think about the monster that shadows over your mind, it's probably because no words can describe their hideous nature. However, for Pramuhendra, the monster is meaningful as it serves as a memory whose strength and greatness always follow him everywhere.

"The Monster: Chapter II Momentum" is the a part of the Trilogy Exhibition called "Monster Series"; an exhibition that displays Pramuhendra's works. With charcoal as his main identity, he invites the visitors to imagine the monster inside their minds.

Pramuhendra's works are mostly related to his family environment, where he grew up in a Catholic culture. The figures chosen by Pramuhendra in his works are related with the history of Catholicism. This is reinforced by the fact that his father is a physics teacher who liked drawing, especially holy figures of Catholicism. Hence, the works at the exhibition foster such religious themes.

When you walk into the main gallery, you will see The Giant Walls made by charcoal and cement. After passing through The Walls, you can take a peek through the wall gap. There, you will see an inauguration of The Pope who is seen kissing the ground. There is a different atmosphere when you enter the room. It is a dark room with many chairs for prayer, chandeliers, and several heavenly bodies; creating a sense of solemnity found in chapels.

PHOTOS Courtesy of The Monster Chapter II: Momentum