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The Great Eight Phantoms Teaser

Tech & biz21 July 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

The Great Eight Phantoms Teaser

Eight generations. One luxury.

The Elvis of automobile engineering Rolls-Royce recently announced The Great Eight Phantoms: A Rolls-Royce Exhibition. The event will be held at London next week. The manufacturer will also release their New Phantom - the eighth generation of the signature series. ‘The Great Eight Phantoms’ – A Rolls-Royce Exhibition will take place at Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, London, from 29 July to the 2 August.

Known for their history on first-class life, Rolls-Royce will be presenting the most epitomic Phantoms for the past 92 years, alongside the revealment of Phantom VIII that will be live-streamed on 27 July 21:00 (UK time) on their website. The Phantom series are known to be owned by leaders, influential musicians, movie stars, to industry mavericks.

For the past six weeks, the previous seven generations of Phantoms cruise from all over the world to London, where the event takes place. All the most authentic Phantoms are announced one by one as they arrive in UK: from the first ever Fred Astaire Phantom I, John Lennon's special "Sgt. Pepper's" Phantom V, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's own Phantom VI.

Before unraveling the eighth Phantom, let's pace down the memory lane to take a view on the legendary Phantoms that joined The Great Eight Phantoms:

1925 The Fred Astaire Phantom I

The first of these iconic stories will be ‘The Fred Astaire Phantom I’, which is loaned to the Exhibition by its owner, the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. It has a 7.668-litre straight-six engine, owned by American famous performer Fred Astaire.

1932 Sir Malcolm Campbell Phantom II

The Grand Prix Champion famously known for his 'Blue Bird' racing car bought the Phantom II for its agility that matches his Grand Prix powerhouse, an automobile with 36.5L engine and 2.3K horsepower.

1936 Field Marshal Montgomery Phantom III

During World War Two, Field Marshal used at least three Rolls-Royce Phantom IIIs. The one will be presented on the show is his favourite 'Butler' Phantom III. The automobile is a living witness of many important military services, including Northwood operation in Hertfordshire.

1952 The Aga Khan III Phantom IV

The Aga Khan III is famous for combining a jetset lifestyle as thoroughbred horse owner with his role as leader of the Nizari Ismaili Muslim community. The Aga Khan was among just 18 heads of state and members of royal families to commission a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV.

1965 The John Lennon Phantom V

John Lennon customized his Phantom V to fit his style as multinational pop/rock star - including convertible rear seat into double bed, TV, telephone, fridge, and customized sound system. On the launching of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club (1967), Lennon repainted the Phantom after the album concept.

1977 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Phantom VI

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II assented to her Phantom VI State Limousine being present at The Great Eight Phantoms. The 1977-edition has sailed on important milestones for the Royal occasions, including Kate Middleton's Duchess of Cambridge inauguration.

2003 The First Goodwood Phantom VII

The First Goodwood Phantom is the motor car that began the renaissance of Rolls-Royce in 2003. The models began with Phantom, and then followed by Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn. Phantom VII is one of the longest standing generation, lasting for 15 years before being succeeded by upcoming Phantom VIII.

PHOTO: Rolls-Royce