The End of Smartwatch
Larasati Oetomo
04 April 2018

Many experts found that younger generation of millennials do not see the importance of watch craftsmanship than their older generation and prefer practical, snobbish smartwatch.

However, when we first see the craftsmanship of these watches, we are unsure of the notion above. There are certainly strong reasons why horology giants like Patek Philippe for not entering the smartwatch bandwagon, and we can see why.

French house Hermès take a bold step against the trend by recreating a classic piece of pocket watch named Arceau Pocket Millefiori.

With crystals pattern resembling alligator’s scales rounding it, we are totally disillusioned from the technological dream of smartwatch and returning to the beauty of analogism. Take a look below:

th century paperweight crafting. The black colour, an alchemy of minerals whose composition is hold a secret, is mixed with crystal and wrapped in genuine matt alligator leather. The scrupulous process even requires a furnace to heat up the materials and obtain the desired color.

This time, Hermès is taking a great leap as a fashion label to break through Swiss-horologer class. And for that class, as well, there must be a price to pay. There are only two pieces of this highly-limited edition made so far. Even so, this is still another milestone of fashion watches after Bvlgari’s Serpenti watches.