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The Best Ways to Enjoy Tequila

Wine & Dine02 April 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

The Best Ways to Enjoy Tequila

How do you enjoy tequila? Shots? Lime and salt? Jose Cuervo has better way to do it.

Driven by the brand’s character of dynamic and forward-thinking, Jose Cuervo offered fresh ways of enjoying tequila to their Indonesian consumers through #WHYWAIT campaign.Tthey are introducing the importance of nuance and experience in enjoying tequila… That includes tuning down your Air Conditioner.

#1 Eat the Tequila

Now that’s what you called true temptation. Jose Cuervo worked with pastry chef Charins Chang to create truffle chocolates infused in Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.

#2 Sensación de Frío

Jose Cuervo successfully experimented with the idea of enjoying tequila in ice-cold room. During the Why Wait Party in Ocha & Bella, Menteng, guests can enjoy Jose Cuervo Tradicional in lowered temperature to chill—literally.

#3 Let Life Gives You Lemons

With their special recipe drink Why Wait Paloma, which was only presented during the party, the key is to sit back, relax, and perhaps a little laughter with friends.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Jose Cuervo