Surabaya French Treats!
Larasati Oetomo
03 November 2017

Of all services, JW Marriott Surabaya is recognized for having the best eateries in town for many segments.

Imari, for example, offers the authentic dining experience in a Japanese village. For Chinese cuisine, Tang Palace offers just the perfect ambience for family dinner. They are also known for their sweet treats durian bread, available on their in-house bakery. HighEnd, on the other hand, tried the classic French fine dining at Vis a Vis.

When you first enter the French dining place, it almost feels like entering a real diner in a Paris suburb. Classic European dining wares fill the room, glistening in maroon and gold colors—a typical vintage European palette. Vis a Vis is embellished in mauve and purplish shades, leaving a relaxing impression for the mind.

If you are looking for the original taste of French cuisine, this place won’t be a disappointment since the chef serves only the authentic ingredients and cooking technique of French culinary world. However, if you like some fusion dish, Chef Emmy, the head chef, would be happy to take your personal request. Every course is served for slow-dining, which becomes the identity of French fine dining. This is what makes Vis a Vis distinct from other French restaurants in Surabaya. “French people enjoy every bite of their food, mostly with their loved ones. Here, the experience does not only come from the dish, but from the serving style as well”, said Chef Emmy.

Chef Emmy

Our recommendation for intimate dinner with partners or close friend would be crab soup with baguette. It has the unique taste of broth processed from the crab’s shells. To close the warm moment, do not hesitate to try the chocolate soufflé—a classic Grandma’s recipe that feels like a nostalgia to happy childhood memories.

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