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Summer Comedy Watch List

Art & Culture16 July 2018

By Caroline Giovanie

Summer Comedy Watch List

This is the kind of summer when a lot of new hits are coming our way – be it at the theatre or Netflix.

We have compiled a list of summer must-watches for you in case you wanna take a break from going to the beach and jamming at music festivals!


Good Girls is a crime-comedy drama that centers around three women who find themselves involved in a life of crime. Their lives are followed by cheating scandals, custody battles, and bankruptcy – where the only solution is associating themselves with a street gang that allocates them illegal jobs in exchange for money.


For those who enjoy a little music in their binge sessions, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creates the perfect blend of humor, drama, and music in their shows, making it perfect to watch for the summer. Plus, season 3 just hit Netflix!


Created and written by renowned comedian Tina Fey, the New York-based comedy follows Kimmy (Ellie Kemper), who is looking to restart her life after being locked in a cult-styled bunker for 15 years.


If you have been following Michael Shur, the creator of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and many more, you have probably heard of The Good Place. Starring Kristen Bell, the fantasy-comedy shows how comedy can take a dark twist.


Spare some time with this one because it already has eight seasons, with a ninth one in progress. The family drama will make you laugh and cry, but the most amusing thing to watch would be seeing how the young actors grew up throughout the years. This series sure will fill those lazy days where you just don’t want to leave the bed!

PHOTOS Courtesy of TVLine, Netflix, Film Daily, NME, Showtime