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Stories from ICAD 2018

Art & Culture30 October 2018

By Robin Boy

Stories from ICAD 2018

For 44 days, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design is going to spoil the visitors’ senses with hundreds of works from 50 artists.

For the ninth consecutive year, Yayasan Design+ Art Indonesia once again held Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) from October 18 and will last until November 30. Located at Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta, this year’s exhibition returns with “Kisah”, telling the stories of the artists who participate in this event.

The works displayed in the exhibition feel way more personal this time. The concept mainly focuses on the “stories” of each artist, from their mind-sets, thoughts, to emotional interactions between them and their works. The fact that the stories are taken from current issues is certainly the most interesting aspect. Visitors will be able to connect themselves with the artists’ works and stories on a deeper level.

A wide range of artworks filled the entire hotel’s halls with unique stories, leaving visitors in such awe. The works varies from digital artwork, sketches, product design, and music. ICAD also makes sure that each artist is given enough space to accommodate their stories in the exhibition.

Artists whose works are displayed in the prestige exhibition include Irawan Karseno, Tatang Ramadhan, Joshua Simandjuntak, PM Toh, Hikmat Darmawan, Milisifilem Collective, White Shoes and The Couples Company, and others.

Aside from displaying the artworks, ICAD also presents some creative figures who will share their knowledge and insights in three separated conventions. There’s a film workshop attended by two film producer—Jon Kuyper and Mira Lesmana—while Koalisi Seni Indonesia will be participating for the art and culture workshop. For the design convention themed “Kisah Komik”, British writer Paul Gravett as well as Ivan Gunawan will also be participating. 

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