Scandinavian Design Invasion

Design14 November 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Scandinavian Design Invasion

First settled in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002, HAY Design expanded the Scandinavian design invasion to Indonesia.

This November, HAY Design present their furniture and home accessories to be own personally at home. The philosophy behind the design is the unpretentiousness of 50s-60s Scandinavian design assembled in contemporary way. The designer identity focuses on smooth and dynamic edges, cool colors, and timeless sustainability.

The Danish furniture house has long been known for their originals About a Chair, with their classic collections of chair have attracted many rising companies like GO-JEK as their office appliances. After few years, HAY Project Indonesia serves not only mass selling for companies but fulfilling end-user needs as well. These include not only furniture, but home accessories too.

Following the Scandinavian tradition, HAY Design emphasizes the robustness of basic elements and effective utilization.  With their market focusing on personalized home devices and not mass distribution, the brand is confident with their quality control over these qualities. The Danish designers are all behind the production of most of their products, although dozens of designers from all over the world also take over some collections with their own depiction of Scandinavian design.

Following their debut for end-users, HAY Design manages to open their first pop-up store in Pacific Place, Jakarta, from 1 to 8 December 2017.