Samsung Galaxy S9: Reviewed

Tech & biz12 March 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Samsung Galaxy S9: Reviewed

The freshly-launched Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ confidently claimed that the flagship just “reimagine” camera. We are here to prove it.

With dual-aperture lens that can effectively handle low-light situation and up-to 960fps Super Slow Motion feature, the brand might have a point. Nevertheless, we have to prove it ourselves. Luckily, photographer Tito RIkardo showcased a demo for all of us.

“One aperture size may not fit all situations. While big aperture is effective to gain as much light as possible in low-light places, this feature may end up overexposing daylight photos”, he explained. In dark places, f/1.5 aperture proves to capture detailed, well-exposed object, while in light places, the camera automatically performs in f/2.4 with similar result. Cool.

Face detection is so 2017, they implied. With automatic Motion Detection feature, the video still plays smoothly in 32x slow-motion video (960fps mode). You can see a lot clearer motion than what you can see in normal 240fps slow-mo video. Not very useful, but surely it is worth a brag to show your friends.

Talking about face detection, let’s move up to the next level. With AR technology, your Samsung S9 and S9+ are cleverly able to turn your face into emojis. Yes, you hear me.

When every gadget becomes extremely personalized in the past few years, Samsung wondered why there can’t be an app to create personalized emojis. Right now, model Kelly Tandiono let her photogenic face being turned into emojis and though it might be weird to send emojis with our own face on it, we kinda like how it turns out with Kelly’s face. It looks pretty awkward, but soon we all can explore what it can do once it’s in our hand.

All in all, we will give 4.5/5 stars for their uber cool camera, but definitely 2/5 for actual usability.

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