Russian Design Goddess

Design03 July 2018

By Caroline Giovanie

Russian Design Goddess

Russia has been the central spotlight of the world these days—thanks to the World Cup euphoria. The country is known mostly for its cultural and political history, but what do we know more about the modern depiction of the largest country in the world?

Being the founder and head designer of a rising interior design firm at the age of 30, Russian-born Yuna Megre has made a name for herself in Russia and the United States as well. The young interior designer has set the bar high for Russia’s architectural evolution.

Yuna is known for her pops of color, often with monochromatic accents to balance out the room.

Although the pops of color definitely make a statement, classic colors are still incorporated in her designs – creating elegant rooms that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Yuna also has a knack for having elaborate things hanging from the ceiling – creating a sense of dimension and depth in the space.

The firm has mainly designed restaurants and bars, but is starting to branch out to luxury hotels and lounges, including the MasterCard in her home country.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Hospitality Design, Megre, Architizer