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RUCI Got Some Papers

Art & Culture01 August 2018

By Caroline Giovanie & Larasati Oetomo

RUCI Got Some Papers

Jakarta’s RUCI Art Space has launched “GOT PAPER?” an exhibition that explores paper through drawings, paintings, and collages.

RUCI Art Space has dedicated their exhibition to celebrate the diversity of creation that starts from the same, plain material—like papers. The artists joining current exhibition elevates the value of papers, which have become one of the most fundamental necessities in our daily life.

With line-up including Eddie Hara, whose work often cites doodles and scribbles, the artists engage their works in the philosophy of Dadaism—in which papers are introduced in childhood as a medium of play. So to say, paper symbolizes freedom and fearlessness in self-expression. It is where exploration begins, including for artists.

GOT PAPER? will specifically focus on five unique artists, namely Yeo Kaa, Natisa Jones, Feransis, Eddie Hara, and Abenk Alter – all with different backgrounds and different approaches to art. They all transform papers into totally different things, inviting guests to see the artworks beyond their medium for an elevated visual experience.

Yeo Kaa, a Manila based artist, reflects her artwork from her imaginative reality gone awry where she harbors fantasies of displeasing acts. Natisa Jones, based in Bali, considers the medium as a way to capture the urgencies of her thoughts to further her self-reach.

And then there’s Feransis, based right here in the capital, creates a flexible framework of a witty sculpture when working with his paper collage. Eddie Hara, Basel based, guises his political and social views through his distinct and humorous lowbrow art creatures.  Lastly, Abenk Alter, also Jakarta based, moves through material and immaterial dialogues of spirituality and daily account in search of harmony.

Take a look at the teaser below:

PHOTOS Courtesy of RUCI Art Space