Raffles Spirit of Sumatra Spa
Adelia Ayu
07 August 2018

Inspired by Indonesian culture, Raffles Spa has re-invigorated local spa tradition from the ancient Batak Tribe to give an authentic ethno-wellness spa experience.

Bringing the essence of ancient Batak techniques of massage from North Sumatra, The Spirit of Sumatra, the newest treatment from Raffles Jakarta is designed to soothe the soul through traditional beauty care.

How is it done?

┬áTraditionally known as Kusuk Batak, the ancient treatment offers a truly authentic experience of well-being and relaxation that stimulates our five senses. Starting the treatment with a soothing footbath, followed by body steaming to relieve aching muscles using essential North Sumatra’s ginger and kaffir lime oils, the pre-treatment effectively reduces sore muscles and improves blood circulations.

How is it different from the rest?

The difference of Batak-style treatment compared to others is that it starts with a head massage, contrary to regular massage that starts from the feet. Using Martub Batak oil made from olive oil, the massage will instill a holistic revitalization and deep relaxation through thumb and palm pressure techniques to various reflex points on the body. Other prominent characteristic is how it’s accompanied by various spells believed to bring health and healing.

And there’s also more to that.

To complete the northern magic touch experience, a 30-minute Sumatra Body Scrub is ready to rejuvenate the skin while making it smooth and radiant at the same time. The Spirit of Sumatra brings balance to mind, body, and soul using massage and Indonesia traditional herbs and ingredients.

PHOTO Courtesy of Raffles Jakarta