Pearl: A Gateway to Luxe Home
Nadia Nelly Irawan
17 June 2019

There’s no place like home; especially when you have mind-bending interiors. And, do you know that a pearlescent touch to interior finish can definitely enhance your living space ambience?

As the most prominent home ornamentation, pearl’s iridescence comes from many fine layers of aragonite and physical interaction that occurs between the aragonite crystals and light waves. Here are some hacks for luxurious, minimalist pearl-themed interior designs:

#1 Go Marble-Luxe

Get the ball rolling and fully indulge in the lavish design trends by pairing marbles with sumptuous velvets, brass, and luxe gold. Marble has an alluring enigmatic texture and pattern that builds subtle interests to a space. When pairing with lavish ornaments, always go for marble for a deluxe-opulent aesthetic and refined sophisticated look.

The marble blends seamlessly with the white pillars to create an elegant, classic look

Marble walls are a dazzling statement feature wall; bold whilst simultaneously timeless. It is one of the best ways to introduce opulence into your home on a reasonable budget. No need to worry; it has the look that possesses a surprising amount of staying power.

#2 Fifty-Shades of Blue

When choosing color to complement pearly scheme, make sure that it is non-fussy deep hues. Colors of the Persian Gulf, sky, and coastline fuse perfectly with pearl and give more depth to the already beautiful colours. Muted ink blue or aqua blue hues create a serene atmosphere; like the feeling of seamless flow from ocean to interiors, leaving a soothing sense to the residents. Pick especially unsaturated colours that work well with neutrals including marble floors.

Overlapping ellipses of blue de savoie and polished statuary marble sit below a double height entrance atrium – the cascading hand-blown crystal chandelier catches the light with its graceful movement.

A touch of blue hues towards the crisp, contemporary white furniture accessories

#3 Curate Opulent Ornaments

Props and accessories are gateway keys to luxuriant ambience. Sophisticated yet delicate accessories including shell, shagreen, crystal and Mother of Pearl are the answer to your Pearl-embedded home. Marble accessories are also an option to create a timeless look that oozes sophistication and glamour – from marble plates and trays to candleholders and bedding.

Hand-sculpted chandelier from fine bone China and gold floats elegantly above the dining table.

Marble tray is used to tie the theme together

#4 Pair Up with Metallic Accent

Metal accents catch the light and draw the eye in, especially when it has the Mother of Pearl and timber finishes. Some of metal accents including brass are a warm and subtle alternative to steel accents that will surely build an everyday sense of elegance. For a contemporary twist on bathroom interiors, it is always a good idea to pair marble with statement gun-metal for a fresh modern feel that will never passé. Clean yet minimalist, this is tough-luxe interiors at their best.

Book-matched marble, crystal and brass to create a luxurious oasis in a bathroom

PHOTOS Courtesy of Katharine Pooley, Ltd.