OKU: Meditative Retreats
Adelia Ayu
17 July 2018

Displaying earthy color-dominated décor and bringing forth Japanese Zen element, OKU is a perfect utopia to those who appreciate tranquil dining experience.

As one of the city’s premier premium Japanese dining venues, OKU reflects Japanese personal beliefs and cultural journey through Zen-dominated display. Located at the legendary Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, the restaurant offers a modern take on Japanese dishes combined with modern flair, with its laid-back atmosphere and jazzy vibes.

Showing distinctive approach to both Japanese traditional and modern face, OKU brings the land of the rising sun through earthy-colored decors and modern features filling the spacious area. In cuisine department, OKU presents a very spiritual approach. Helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, all the food brings a journey of flavor—where you can experience the environment from which the ingredients originated.

The spirits of modern, hearty Japanese cuisine are shown in their revamped bento menu, OKU Bento. Combining bite-sized appetizer, main course like Truffle Gyu Don and Bara Chirasi Don, plus tempting dessert in modern wooden box, these are OKU’s most favorite dishes; a peaceful culinary getaway for the busy people.

Just like its name, which implies the peeling back layers of an onion, OKU represents culinary journey with multiple layers of meaning, experience, and discovery for diners. This is what is called experience savoring “life stories”.

OKU Japanese Restaurant

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1

Jakarta 10310