Nurtura Mommy Makeover

Wellness07 May 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Nurtura Mommy Makeover

Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Center tried to answer the one-million-dollar question for every new mom: “Can I get back in shape?”

Pregnancy is a rough process, and it is often followed by physical and emotional changes in mothers that can’t simply be undone. While being a mother itself is a countless blessing, women often find it hard to get back in shape and regain the energy they had before labor. With this problem in mind, aesthetic clinic Nurtura tried to solve these overwhelming problems with the least risk possible.

In a high tea event with BTL Aesthetics and Female Daily, Nurtura introduced their one-of-a-kind body-shaping procedure especially aimed for new moms. Called as EmSculpt and EmSella, the procedure works in bilateral ways, including fat reducing and muscle toning. The whole procedure is done without injecting any substance into the mother’s body, making it relatively safe for mothers whose body requires extra care.

Technically, the procedure is comparable with exercise, which focuses on muscular movement and heat. A 30-minute EmSculpt treatment, for example, burns the same calories as doing 20,000 sit-ups. dr. Hilwa Saleh Alwaini, DiplAAAm, as one of Nurtura’s doctors, also explained that pelvic-tightening Emsella treatment is equal to 12,000 Kegel exercises.

We personally fancy the fact that the whole procedure can be done comfortably without taking off our clothes; and that is still new in Indonesia. The device also looks simple and comfortable, easing the intimidating feeling coming from clinical aesthetic devices. Living up to its name, the Mommy Makeover targets the whole body of any healthy mother: from tummy, hips, pelvis, breasts, and buttocks. If you’d like to undertake the procedure, it is highly recommended to consult with the doctor-in-charge to have a clear prognosis for the treatment.

For reservations, please reach out to: +62 21-31907599

PHOTOS Courtesy of Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Center