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Beauty26 October 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Nonsurgical Beauty Mojo

There is an underlying misunderstanding about medical aesthetics that says it always require surgery process with threatening effects to your health. Of course it is not true.

In fact, skin aesthetics treatment ranges from simple to advanced ones, with their eligibility depends on the “DNA” of your body. Some of them require plastic surgery, while others can go au naturel with simpler treatment. Dr. Chris Foo, Specialist in Dermatology & Consultant at Raffles Skin & Aesthetics, says “Aesthetic treatments need to be individualized as there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. In my discussions with patients, I would try to understand their key concerns and also manage their expectations by providing them with the necessary information on what can and cannot be achieved through aesthetics treatment”.

Some of the most popular non-surgical treatments include Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Intense Pulse Light (IPL). These treatments are considerably efficient cost-wise and time-wise, mostly when you are the kind of person who needs speedy recovery with visible result. Below, Dr. Chris Foo untangles the misconception about non-surgical aesthetics treatments and offers good examples of these treatments and what they actually do to our skin:

What in the world is Dermal Fillers, and what it does to my skin?

Dermal fillers are a natural, versatile and effective option for facial sculpting, replacing lost volume, or enhancing the lips. The good thing about Dermal Fillers is that the result is instant. You are free to wear makeup with sunscreen protection immediately after the treatment.

What does Botox actually do?

Botox therapy is a quick and simple non-surgical procedure that involves injections of Botox on the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle. It is widely used in facial enhancement, and can severely diminish the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet.

Why is IPL getting popular these days?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) targets pigment and blood vessels in the epidermis and stimulates new collagen formation in the deeper layers of the skin. It can be used to treat superficial pigmentation and visible blood vessels, facial redness, wrinkles, and photo-ageing. It sounds amazing, but is it safe? Dr. Foo says, “It is minimally invasive and is generally safe with minimal downtime. The advantage of IPL is that it can target a few problems at the same time, leading to global rejuvenation.”

While these treatments sound amazing, please remember that every skin condition is unique, thus you need to arrange pre-session consultation to decide which treatment suits your concern as well as your physical condition. The experts at Raffles Hospital Singapore are ready to help you on this.

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