New Interior Designer in Town
Nabila Kaulika
01 March 2019

A new concept for CELINE boutiques, designed by Creative Director Hedi Slimane, was unveiled with the opening of the New York Madison Avenue store and will be implemented worldwide.

The new store concept juxtaposes the finest natural materials, creating a balanced and expensive sculptural interior. The furniture was designed by Hedi Slimane himself. He plays a major role in the design—completing the new concept with sculptural typologies responding to the architecture.

The store is surrounded by natural stones —Roman lava stones are used for flooring, black granite for walls, and shelving along with other combinations of stones are used throughout the stores. Every material inside the store is complemented by oak, brass, gold mirrors, as well as concrete, polished stainless steel.

James Balmforth, Josie Davia, Elaine Cameron Weir, and Oscar Tuazon’s artworks also play a decisive role in the new design concept for the stores.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Celine