Natasha Vinski on October Issue

Profile05 October 2017

By Kezia Mariska & Banny Rahayu

Natasha Vinski on October Issue

It's no exaggeration to say that Natasha Vinsky is a figure of many capabilities; a businesswoman, philanthropist, and on top of it, a doctor. From graduating with the highest GPA, to leading a prominent anti-aging center, she is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. HighEnd gets to delve deep into her enthralling world.

Can you tell us about your recent activities?

I am currently the CEO of Vinski Tower, where we specialize in anti-aging. My mother is also a doctor and an anti-aging specialist there. Vinski Tower is currently the world's biggest anti-aging center complete with clinics for men and women, as well as world-class plastic surgery rooms. We specialize in stem cell development and other practices, such as aesthetics.

I am also at the helm of Aero Queen, the helicopter business that my late father used to handle. I continue his legacy and take on the business; we supply helicopters to many of our clients in Indonesia and abroad, including Asia and Canada. I am also a television host for a medical TV Show in one of private-owned channels in Indonesia.

What kind of leadership you implement as the CEO of Vinski Tower?

I would say there is control, but I would always want everyone in Vinski Tower to feel comfortable with the work that they have. I feel that they are the people who are with me throughout the day and most of the time, during the weekend. There is always a sense of urgency to make them feel comfortable with their work and the environment. I am a very relaxed person. I don’t try to become too stiff and too ‘tyrannical’ with the people I work with. Just as long as they get the job done and are responsible with what they have to do, I really don’t mind.

Tell us about the obstacles of being a leader at such a young age.

That would include not feeling easily satisfied with how much I do. Sometimes I put pressure on myself, thinking that I could have done something better. But some days I would think, man, to get this kind of privilege and responsibility is really big and I shouldn’t always be too hard on myself. I am a perfectionist; I try to get the business and the work done promptly. But not everyone can work at my pace. But it comes with experience, confidence, and believing in myself that I can do this. There are a lot to learn but I am positive to know and believe that I am getting there, be the best that I can be and grow the businesses that I run.

How do you describe your work style?

I like to keep it classy for work-wear. I have hundreds of different suits that I wear for work and meetings, because they’re very practical yet chic, and I don’t have to think about mix and matching and just focus on business.  As you can see from the Vinski Tower, I am into pink! I can’t deny that.

Amidst your busy schedule, how do you love spending your spare time?

I love being active! From Muay Thai to wall climbing... hobbies that are not only fun but also serve as workout. I, too, still love fashion design, exploring my creativity and being able to share it with the world with FOXXY.

Photography DANI HUDA | Styling RUT CAROLINE

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