Miss Indonesia 2017: Red Carpet

Event09 May 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Miss Indonesia 2017: Red Carpet

DATE:   22 April 2017


Natasha Manuella, Miss Indonesia 2017, and Stephanie Del Valle, Miss World 2016, crowned Achintya Nilsen from Nusa Tenggara Barat on the Miss Indonesia 2017 Grand Final. The event that was held in MNC Studio did not only seem regal on stage. Behind the red curtain, a number of celebrities, influencers, businessperson, and many others walked through the red carpet. Among them are our judges: Mr. Peter Saerang, Mrs. Wulan Tilaar,  Mr. Ferry Salim, and Madame Noor Sabah Travik.

Left-right: Ferry Salim, Lina Priscilla Tanaya, & Peter Saerang

Clockwise: Natasha Manuella, May Farida & Jimmy Bachtiar, Wulan Tilaar, Madame Noor Sabah Travik & Shanti Tolani