Fashion02 January 2018

By Aimee Garibaldi


On 8th December 2017, MASTERPIECE presented ten of Indonesia’s reputable and talented designers to amalgamate the elements of art and Indonesian ethnic with fashion under ‘The Art of Revival’ theme. (see slide above for the runway collection)

Billy Tjong opened the show, featuring its midi-dress from his ‘Borneo’ collection using tenun Doyo from Melak (Kutai, Kalimantan). The show was followed by Malik Moestaram, who presented a Victorian style white tulle dress inspired by the neo-romanticism era with fiber acrylic as its material and exquisite floral details.

Lining up next were two creations by Sutanto Danuwidjaja, which are dominated by colorful ethnic 3D embroideries inspired by the Indonesian culture kuda lumping and traditional Minangkabau house. Likewise, Poppy Dharsono also showcased a bright red colored gown, draped in a black blazer with tenun Makassar.

Next was a piece by Yongki Budisutisna. This silver/gray-toned gown with raining cloud prints was inspired by the story of the world creation derived from the Book of Genesis. The show continued with two subversive looks by Danjyo Hiyoji. The looks are inspired by Japanese colonialism, complemented with the traditional bakiak shoes. Similarly, Patrick Owen also showcased a slightly look of gray jumpsuit paired with subtle stripes and geometric pattern.

The next masterpiece called ‘Rising Sun’ was presented by Yoseph Sinudarsono—inspired by the color nuance that appears from the sunrise, decorated by special coloring technique with origami details and shimmering Swarovski embellishment. Up next was Rinda Salmun, who incorporated geometric shapes and combined them with element of Indonesian kebaya, as seen by the use of laces for the sleeves of the dress.

Last but not least, Melta Tan marked the end of the show by presenting a twist of Fairytale style. The designer created a long-tailed ball gown harmonized with a rococo and baroque printed pattern. Moreover, the gown was embellished with crystals accessories and hand-beaded pearls.

PHOTOS Rudi Sulistya, Febi Ramdhan, & Isnu Dwimartanto

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