Love Your Curl

Beauty10 April 2017

By Rut Caroline

Love Your Curl

In collaboration with Blow+ Bar, HighEnd present well-defined and springy wavy hair for this spring season. Let’s gloss it up, and be playful with your cool outfit.


Styling Rut Caroline
Photographer Ricko Sandy
Makeup Artist Stella Tjia
Hair Stylist Felicia from Blow+ Bar
Stylist’s Assistant Kelly Beatrix

For a short hair, this super volume blow dry hair is a perfect way to look fresh this spring. Set your hair dryer at a medium setting so it doesn’t damage fine, thin hair, or burn your fingers. Place a nozzle on the tip of the dryer to focus the heat to specific areas. Using a mixed-bristle round brush, begin by drying three to four inches sections of hair. To create added volume, roll the completed pieces into a loose curl and secure it in place with an alligator clip. Keep the nozzle of the dryer pointed toward the floor to help prevent frizz.

Stripes knit and pants, FENDI


Divide off a small triangular-sized section of hair at the corners of the forehead to about three inches back from the hairline. Twist the section together and pin it against the head, creating a small pompadour. Pick up a small section of hair behind the pompadour and divide it into two halves. Cross a small section from the right section underneath to the left. Then a small section from the left, underneath to the right. Repeat the previous step and begin incorporating hair into each side of the braid. Spray the style with a firm hold hairspray and smooth a hand over the right and left sides to reduce flyaways and loose hair.
Knit and dress, FENDI


This type resembles tight corkscrews and tends to be higher in density and coarser than the other ones. Use a zigzag iron all over your hair to reach an avant-garde look. Mix it with half-up hair to look a bit more feminine and polished.

Jumpsuit, La Perla