Local Lips

Beauty27 March 2017

By Ahda Arifa Ismail

Local Lips

Lipstick is the one beauty product every woman would never stop looking for. HighEnd spotted the rise of the local make-up industry, focusing on the lipstick. We rounded up top-billing local make-up brands that are internationally competitive. These are BLP Beauty, Polka, Beauty Story, Artemy Beauty, GOBAN Cosmetics, Mad for Lipstick, and Rollover Reaction.

On picture above (clockwise):

NUDE: Rollover Reaction, Beauty Story, Artemy Beauty, BLP

MAUVE: Artemy Beauty, Mad for Lipstick, GOBAN, Polka

BRIGHT PINK: GOBAN, Beauty Story, Artemy Beauty, Mad for Lipstick, Polka

DEEP RED: Mad for Lipstick, GOBAN, BLP, Artemy Beauty, Rollover Reaction

On picture above (left to right):

PINK: Artemy Beauty, Rollover Reaction, Polka, BLP, Mad for Lipstick, GOBAN,

BRIGHT RED: Mad for Lipstick, Polka, BLP, Beauty Story

PURPLE: Artemy Beauty, Mad for Lipstick, Polka, Beauty Story, GOBAN