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La La Land LIVE in Jakarta

Event10 July 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

La La Land LIVE in Jakarta

Get your vocal cord warmed up as the biggest musical movie of the decade, La La Land, is setting up the stage for live concert in Jakarta, 4-5 November 2017.

After hitting Hollywood Bowl with their musical parade last May, La La Land in Concert: A Live to Film Celebration wandered around the globe to perform a rendition to Oscars' Best Picture nominee; including Canada, Mexico, and a number of countries in Europe. As they extend the venue list all the way to Asia with Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia being their major destinations.

The concert is set to be held in Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta, with ticket pricelist will be announced by promoter Rajawali Indonesia on July 15, via . After confirming the concert rumor, CEO & Founder of Rajawali Indonesia Anas Alimi said on Twitter that he is positive for the concert to be a success (06/07).

La La Land concert was a big success in the US, whereas Sebastian and Mia's journey for artistic passion has become an urban subculture. Many appeared in Emma Stone's iconic yellow dress to the concert, remarking their wide popularity. The concert also includes deleted setlists from the concert, conducted by the movie's own conductor Justin Hurwitz with full orchestra. Many of the performers from the movie joined to perform, renditing the plot similar to the original movie, making it a must-watch for La La Land fans.

PHOTO: Lionsgate, Rajawali Indonesia