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Koleksi Eksklusif Saroong Atelier x SONDERLAB dengan Konsep Menarik

Fashion22 June 2022

By Jasmine Ayunda

Koleksi Eksklusif Saroong Atelier x SONDERLAB dengan Konsep Menarik

Growth of local fashion brands will never disappoint. Dengan jumlah brand lokal yang meningkat dan semakin luas, Saroong Atelier meluncurkan koleksi baru berkerjasama dengan SONDERLAB.

Dikenal sebagai salah satu brand Tanah Air yang menggunakan kain tenun Indonesia berwarna cerah nan cantik serta siluet yang unik, Saroong bekerjasama dengan Sonderlab untuk menciptakan koleksi eksklusif yang hanya tersedia di website mereka. Tak lepas dari identitas brand keduanya yang sarat akan budaya Indonesia, konsep dari koleksi tersebut tidak kalah menarik dengan desain bajunya. HighEnd memiliki kesempatan untuk berbincang dengan desainer sekaligus founder Saroong Atelier, Ayla Putri Jaya untuk mengetahui lebih dalam soal koleksi teranyar ini.

HighEnd (HE): What is the meaning behind the collection?
Ayla Jaya (AJ): The changes in this era where we live cause everything to be boxed into one plate, society appears to define the rights and wrongs, as well as the 'how it's supposed to be’ Being honest and true to ourselves as humans who simply want to live our lives according to our beliefs is regarded improper. How is it that sincerity and authenticity are to blame? We hope to demonstrate through this collection that there is nothing wrong with being ourselves and expressing ourselves through the art of fluidity. When it comes to self-expression, there are no rules. We've come to raise the question, "Is it wrong to live honestly?"

HE : What is the theme of this collection?
AJ : The collection's key themes are self-expression and fluidity. Culture, gender, authenticity, and modern society are all woven together in this collection.

HE : What is the inspiration behind this collection?
AJ : Inspired by the ancient Bugis culture, in this collection, we take five different genders in Bugis society; makkunrai, oroane, bissu, calabai, and calalai, and with this, we try to bring back and highlight how gender diversity has been ingrained in us and our culture for the longest time.

HE : What do the collection’s prints and colors represent?
AJ : The prints and colors used in this collection represent femininity and masculinity emerging into a single gender. Our pieces are designed to blur the lines between genders, providing a neutral space for all free and bold spirits where they are able to express themselves freely. To make the pieces versatile for everyone, we incorporated a lot of black and silver with a dash of pink and orange.

HE : What are the primary materials used in the collection?
AJ : Saroong Atelier's brand identity has always been based on combining various tenun materials. We repeated this process through this collection, adding a different Tenun to each piece to emphasize its authentic design.