KEUKEN: Delightful Discoveries
Larasati Oetomo
16 August 2018

Under the theme “delightful discoveries”, the 9th edition of Keuken Bandung explored not only the flavors of Indonesia, but the delightful stories behind them as well.

Presented by Kecap Bango, Keuken Bandung offered more than food and beverage tenants for everyone to enjoy. Chefs, food bloggers, communities, farming figures, culinary writers and community gathered at Lapangan Yonkav 4 on Sunday, August 5 2018.

Prominent names like Rahung Nasution, Norman Ismail, and William Gozali presented their masterpiece dish from certain regions, including North Maluku, North Sumatra, and West Java at the Kitchen Stage. Younger figures like Ravi Raffaelo and cooking communities in the likes of Masak Akhir Pekan also joined their seniors at the stage.

At the education section, there was Gastronomy Pavilion. Academicians, food curators, and communities filled some panels to introduce and educate people about the history and profile of Indonesian gastronomy. Along with the panels, Open Air Cinema presented gastronomy from behind the lens of cinema. They presented two films: Jay Subiakto’s “Banda” and Ardiyanto Dewo’s “Tabula Rasa”.

Keuken No. 9 would not be complete without the music performances from local bands like Pemuda Harapan Bangsa, Ikkubaru, and more at the Magnum stage. If you think every public festival will leave tons of leftovers around, you don’t have to worry about it at Keuken. Under #GoodCampaign, Keuken encouraged people to bring their own eating utensils, use public transportation to the venue, and minimize the use of food waste.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Keuken Bandung