Katy Perry Intergalactic Journey
Larasati Oetomo
18 April 2018

Katy Perry opened a gate to a new galaxy at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD on her Witness stage (14/04).

The California-born singer is known for her total stage presence that exceeds what is typically considered as a concert. For her Indonesia stage, she brought 50 tons of set decorations, dozens of dancers, and gigantic digital supplies to support the whole performance.

Consisting of 6 segments, the "witnesses" were brought to one constellation to another, making it a virtual reality experience of intergalactic journey. Katy performed a lot of big hits from her early career along with some songs from her latest album, Witness. The nostalgic mood mixes well with her futuristic visuals.

Katy also interacted with one of the "witnesses" who wore the same pattern as one of her outfits on stage. Asking what it's like to swear in Indonesian, she asked the guy how to spell "fart" in Indonesian and yelled it loud on stage!

Take a look to some of the best snaps we captured from the concert below:


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