Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2017

Wine & Dine23 November 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2017

After 5 years of hiatus, Ismaya Group’s culinary festival JAKARTA CULINARY FEASTIVAL (JCF) 2017 returns for 4-day straight at Senayan City, 16-19 November 2017.

The Feastival was an eventful collaboration between Ismaya, GO-JEK, PT. Agung Podomoro, and GO-JEK, along with support from Tourism and Heritage Services of DKI Jakarta. Few dozens of local culinary mavericks join the event with food stalls, workshops, cooking demos, and master classes.

One has never seen so many chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, and baristas from Asia and Australia assemble in one place other than in two large tents of this year’s Jakarta Culinary Feastival (JCF). Not only that they especially cooked for the event, they also shared their expertise through master classes and workshops.

Ismaya Group’s Co-founder and Marketing Director Christian Rijanto admits he wants to bring Indonesia’s rich culinary culture on bigger game. “It is only with your support that we can flourish and bring Jakarta and therefore Indonesia, as Asia’s top culinary destination”. This is particularly supported by Tourism and Heritage Services of DKI Jakarta, admitting that culinary is the liveliest industry in the capital. For that, she projects JCF to be settled annually in the future.

Visitors can enjoy food, drinks, and snack from available tents—where all the best restaurants in the region serve their best. 78 featured restaurants, dessert brands, coffee brands, and supplier brands are ready to indulge our appetite, with three of them are listed on 50 Asia’s Best Restaurant 2017. As if it doesn’t sound tasty enough, JCF also included 20 best-selling GO-FOOD merchants in the event.

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