Indonesia Beautiful Women 2017

Event24 May 2017

By Banny Rahayu & Larasati Oetomo

Indonesia Beautiful Women 2017

“True beauty is not only the one that appears physically, but one that comes from a pure heart, positive state of mind, and never-ending fighting spirit to create things and contribute to the society. Indonesia’s Beautiful Women are those who do not only focus on themselves, but to people around them as well.”

- Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Chairwoman of HighEnd

Succeeding the Annual Indonesia’s Beautiful Women (IBW), HighEnd awarded 15 beautiful women with a cause to join the endowing evening. The event was held at Salt Grill, Altitude, The Plaza, Central Jakarta as they indulged tea time treats. The 15 Indonesia’s Beautiful Women 2017 includes Maya Aldy, Olivia Ong, Laila Munaf, Maudy Ayunda, Natasha Roesli, Patricia Gouw, Cindy Angelina, Angkie Yudistia, Anandita Makes, Nadia Tenggara, Renitasari Adrian, Jessica Mila, Natasha Mannuela, Vanessa Budihardja, and Amanda Witdarmono.

TOP: Nadia Tenggara, Renitasari Adrian, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Patricia Gouw, Natasha Mannuela
BOTTOM: Cindy Angelina, Laila Munaf, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Angkie Yudistia, Olivia Ong


This year, the Awarding Evening of Indonesia’s Beautiful Women picked Heritage as thematic concept to encourage conservation of Indonesia’s exotic and diverse culture. Fashion show from Indonesian designer Danjyo Hiyoji and live music from Bimo Ganjar also enhanced the festivity of the evening. All of which above will not do without the support of our partners, including ACER, CIMB Preferred, Raffles Hospital, and Pesona Indonesia.

Have a look to the a number of guests and awardees shimmered in apparels that represent colorful Indonesian heritage:

Patricia Gouw, Olivia Ong, Vanessa Budiharja, Renitasari Adrian, Cindy Angelina, Angkie Yudistia


CLOCKWISE, left to right:
Arka Narendra and Laila Munaf, Christell Lasmana and Nadia Tenggara, Natasha Mannuela and Gabriella Kessy, Tantri and Natalia Pohan, David Andy Saputra, Swan and Hartati Budiman


PHOTO: Fransisco Manuputty & Yudi Pratomo