Improving Your Morning Ritual

Wellness09 October 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Improving Your Morning Ritual

Often we are too lazy for regular morning routines, mostly when it comes to early working days. Not only that they take a lot of time and effort - they also do not always work the way we expect to.

Like it or not, our morning ritual may decide our overall mood and activity level throughout the day. Thus, it is certainly not wise to miss this important part of the day.

Now that we understand your problems (too much time and effort, lacking of effect, and essentially - do not see it as something so important), let's try a different way to do it. Worry not because it does not  require 30-minute yoga class or never-ending bathing steps - instead, it is almost as effortless as brewing a good cup of coffee in the morning. Even better, these steps guarantee a zen-like relaxing and energetic feeling in the morning. Below, we list down ways to improve your morning ritual in timely order:


First thing first, the Institut Esthederm Patchs Lift Contour des Yeux is as effective as caffeine to soothe and refresh your eyes in the morning. These patches are also popular for their ability to lift fragile area of your eyes, as well as minimizing dark circles, puffiness, and repairing your fatigue. Well, that sounds more than good.


Our sense of smell is one of the most amazing bodily senses - it takes us from one mood to another in slightest hint of a scent. That's why we pick Manor Candela profumata English Garden True Grace. Light it inside your bathroom prior to showering to enjoy the authentic sensation of morning tea party in an English garden with its mixture of lemon, bergamot, and hints of jasmine and cedarwood.


Eyes, nose, and no - ears. Some mid-tempo songs with bright chords and rhythm are a good playlist to start with. 70s-80s funk and R&B pieces fit the criteria best. As alternatives, some fusion jazz and swinging bossa also sound nice. For starter, classic highschool anthem Someday We'll Know from New Radicals is worth a try. Any song is fine as long as it's into your taste for energetic mood, though.


Nothing feels better than indulging ourselves inside a Japanese onsen (hot water tube). Zen Morning Shower Mochi by Amayori offers us the like-no-other experience with their perfect mixture of Sicilian orange, grapefruit, Japanese mint, and some spices. It is both calming and rejuvenating.


To close your morning ritual, there is nothing more complete than a little massage in your body. L'Occitane Almond Oil is so far the most versatile body oil we have tried so far - it smells really nice, tones and moisturizes your skin effectively - simply a perfect after-shower therapy.

PHOTO: L'Occitane, Amayori, True Grace. Wikimedia, Institut Esthederm