IKEA Made Home for Animals

Design26 March 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

IKEA Made Home for Animals

With the help of a number of British artists and designers, IKEA created animal habitat series to serve as homes for wildlife in the neighborhood.

Under Wildhomes for Wildlife project, the Swedish design company transformed their products into colorful installations to attract wildlife such as birds, bats, bees, and wasps to rest. The campaign is set to promote the opening of IKEA Greenwich, who claims itself to be the “most sustainable store” from the chain.

Londoner pop graphic artist Supermundane, for example, contributed a colorful birdhouse called Dom and a bathouse called Pipi for the program.

Award-winning architecture agency Studio Weave created a geometric “stalactites” as bat houses made from metal.

These futuristic bird nesting pods are the creation of Beep Studio, built using Verberod benches and unused lamp stands from IKEA.

Architects Tamsin Hanke and Sash Scott created this bee house using Verberod and Industriell wood, Inspired by Eastern Asian home design.

This colorful tower from ceramic artist Adam Nathaniel Furman sure will attract bees and wasps.

PHOTOS Courtesy of IKEA