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ICAD 8 Murni: Event Highlights

Art & Culture18 October 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

ICAD 8 Murni: Event Highlights

A number of artists, designers, crafters, to industry and technology professionals break down the walls that maintain the “essence” of each profession through Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) 8 exhibition themed "Murni?".

The contemporary art movement in urban parts of Indonesia is shifting from arbitrarily defining artistic professions to exploring aesthetics possibilities outside the strict concept of “pure” art. Supported by Body of Creative Economy (BEKRAF), Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia and Artura Insanindo carry this philosophy through the settlement of Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) annual exhibition.  Entering their 8th year, ICAD is asking the most fundamental question of their philosophy: “essence?”. The emphasis lays on the question mark (?), creating ontological rapture within the minds of art enthusiasts. What decides the natural, pure essence of “art”?

Patrick Owen's embroidery work

Architect Denny R. Priyatna, jeweler Amanda Mitsuri, and fashion designer Patrick Owen join the exhibition with their own interpretation of “artwork”. Even Reza Rahardian, known as an actor, presented his multimedia artwork for ICAD 8. On the other hand, artist Oky Rey Montha who often deals with paintings or drawings also expands the possibility of his creativity with leather goods’ carving and sewing.

Others collaborate to redefine their sense of aesthetics. Among all, special interior installation by Teddy Soeriaatmadja titled “A Place for Us to Dream” highlights the critique of essentialism by implying that purity is not always the same with wholesomeness—sometimes it requires differences between people.

A Place for Us to Dream by Teddy Soeriaatmadja

The exhibition that lasts from 4 October-15 November 2017 in grandkemang Hotel has helped revolutionizing conceptual trend of Indonesia’s contemporary art scene. As the distinction between “art” and “non-art” becomes blurred, it is now time for us to foster artistic inclusivity for any profession and class.  This idea is still novel in Asian contemporary art scene, where art, culture, and design are still traditionally seen as relating, instead of integrating, with each other.

Fresh Water Fish by Francis Surjaseputra & Sandy Lee

PHOTO Febi Ramdhan (@febiramdhan) for HighEnd