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Heidy Kandou 51st Birthday

Event31 May 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Heidy Kandou 51st Birthday

Tech and beauty businesswoman Heidy Kandou recently celebrated her birthday in a two-day event with SamKim family and employees.

The event on the first day was held at Akira Back, MD Place Building Setiabudi, Jakarta on May 28 2019. The exquisite party is set in a private dinner setting, with around a dozen of SamKim family attending the event. Among them are businesswoman Amelia Salim, Dhanny Dahlan, Sendy Yusuf, and many others.

With the women dressed in red and gentlemen dressed in black, the guests gathered around Mrs. Heidy to enjoy dinner. They presented a special birthday cake for Mrs. Heidy’s 51st birthday, along with birthday gifts they brought for the birthday woman.

CLOCKWISE: Amelia Salim, Dhanny Dahlan, Evelina Setiawan, Sendy Yusuf

LEFT-RIGHT: Seus Dodo, Leslie Christian Saputra

The SamKim family consists of hosts, icons, Make-up Artist, and friends of Heidy Kandou.

On the next day, 29 May 2019, Mrs. Heidy held another party dedicated for her employees. The public iftar party was held at Kaca Coffee & Eatery, Central Jakarta.

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