Gucci Hallucination with Ignasi
Larasati Oetomo
12 April 2018

Artists. They don’t want to be regarded insane alone—they carry us all to their way. Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal leads us to #GucciHallucination fever.

Known for his works with Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Ignasi finally gave up the borders of reality and got chronic sleep deprivation that leads to hallucinations—literally.

With his latest collection for Gucci Spring 2018, Ignasi admits that he “Has worked several months straight, 14-hour a day, with no weekends” to illustrate a limited-edition collection that includes 200 t-shirts and 100 sweaters. As a joint project between the two avant-garde artists, the illustrations contain of Renaissance-stylized pop portraits.

Half-dazed and half-exhausted, Ignasi is reportedly glad to work with Michele for this capsule because it is just the good way to introduce classical materials to younger audience. In one of his prints, for example, depicts Shakespeare’s Ophelia wearing Gucci logo. Most of the works will definitely cause hallucinating effect for their mashed-up concept, like a couple of mermaids staring at smartphone screen and carrying a Gucci bag.

“Alessandro is like the modern Medici,” said Ignasi. “He surrounds himself with very different kind of people and takes risk—there is no glory without risk.”

As people will start to go crazy for the tees and sweatshirts, take a look to their fashion campaign—which also includes a dozen of models and props stylized in future Renaissance.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Gucci