Gucci Décor Fever!
Larasati Oetomo
20 July 2018

Move over, Grandma Martha’s sofa! It is time to give a touch of eclectic romanticism at our home.

As a prominent fashion house in design world, Gucci presented Gucci Décor Collection as inspired by the label’s iconic prints, patterns, and logo over time. The flash of colors and prints are really going to be overwhelming as Gucci filled every space at home with their interior collection. It includes sofas, chairs, teapots, cushions, and partitions.

The craftsmanship is developed to pay homage to Italy's long history and influence in art. For example, the vases presented in the collection are created by Richard Ginori, a Florentine company established in 1735. The artisanal skill is more than a gimmick as every pattern on the ceramics collection is truly hand-painted—which takes five hours to finish. The ingredients to these home products are also derived from historical factories.

You can see some of patterns used by the House in their fashion collection, including the kingsnake, Herbarium floral prints, GG jacquard, and the signature ‘Urtica Ferox’. Their strong decorative elements are mixed with Italian heritage of color palette like reds, golds, and greeneries.  If you are a big fan of the House, they also have a number of wallpaper and partition that elevates the whole room’s aestheticism. They are available not only in paper, but in vinyl and silk as well.

One of the highlights is their capitonné porter’s chair in leather and velvet, which can be differentiated by their canopy-like headrest and a drawer in the bottom part. The chair was used in 16-17th century England and France as gatekeepers’ couch in big houses. The capitonné porter’s chair is made by Tuscan artisans, with a total of 64 hours to complete.

For starter, some may fancy their fanciful dining sets (pun intended) and candleholder, which are also hand-painted. Hand-stitched sofa cushions also stand out with their flora and fauna prints. Some of the prints are created by Creative Director Alessandro Michele himself.


Alex Merry joined the campaign to create dozens of eccentric illustration of the collection, as you can see below:

You can select and place the product in real-time manner in Gucci app, just in case you need to make sure if the products fit your room. A very fresh way to introduce home collection, we may say. The collections will be ready immediately at Gucci shops and boutiques, as well as in

PHOTOS Courtesy of Gucci ILLUSTRATION Courtesy of Alex Merry