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Google Takes On Instagram

Tech & biz14 February 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Google Takes On Instagram

“The point is to make web great again”, said The Washington Post’s chief information officer on working with Google AMP.

Pioneered by Snapchat and adapted by Instagram and further WhatsApp, 24-hour old visual content regarded as “stories” are popping everywhere. In effort of making web to work more like an app, Google is applying the content format that can appear literally anywhere on the web, especially for publishers.

Unlike app-based content, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) load faster on mobile web platform. Aiming for media companies to compete outside social media apps, “Google Stories” allow any kind of text, vertical image/video, and hyperlink to click on. Instead of limiting display inside the Google web, these clips may appear on Google search result and publisher’s own website.

Google is clearly trying to create a retrospective revolution to return from the reign of mobile application to the use of open web, where everything is simple, data friendly, and embedded in high accessibility even for senior civilians. What do you think—would you like a one-click stories on Google?