Gmail Mobile Goes Confidential
Robin Boy
21 August 2018

Mobile users’ dream to send self-destructing emails is now finally here.

After the design revamp that it got recently, Gmail has now introduced its new feature for mobile users known as Confidential Mode. Living up to its name, the new feature allows users to send emails as well as attachments confidentially and help them protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Android and iOS users can now enjoy the feature without updating the application as it is updated through the server-side. 

Confidential Mode allows you to send emails that are only accessible in a certain period of time. Users can set it from one day, a week, and even up to five years. You can also set a certain passcode to open the emails sent either via SMS or web interface. On the other hand, the recipients won’t be able to copy, paste, print, download, or forward the message to keep it private.

However, Google notes that the existence of Confidential Mode does not prevent the recipients to take screenshots of the emails. Also, those who have certain malicious programs in their mobile might be able to copy or download the emails.

To use this feature, you can simply just open your Gmail application, go to Compose, and then turn on the Confidential Mode in the top right corner and voila, you can go on sending those secretive emails now.

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