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Gifts Your Millennial Son Loves

Art & Culture08 February 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Gifts Your Millennial Son Loves

It is almost clear that picking Valentine’s gift for our spouse is a lot easier than picking one for our teenage or 20-something sons. Aren’t they pretty difficult to guess about?

If only we could find just the right gift for our young adult son, we would end up as Mom of the Year, that’s for sure. Unlike daughters, they tend to be more timid to accept little gifts or attention from their mother.

Not anymore, though. As a part of Gen Y or the (so-called) millennials, it is actually pretty easy to pick Valentine’s gift for them without leaving the cringe mark in their faces. All you need is these three keywords: cultured, nostalgic, and hype.

Young Old Souls

Why do you think vinyl and cassette tapes find their way back home? Youngsters tend to love their elders’ pop culture. Try The 2 Bits Men Luxury Shave Kit and see if they pupil dilates when they see it.

“Only 90s Kids Remember…”

Yes, we bought it once for them when they were little, why not buying them for the second time? They are so attached to their childhood toys and hobbies, be it a Gameboy, a Tamagochi, or Batman. A set of Star Wars Lego (or any other animated character) will be perfect.

Mama Knows Best

For them, health is a lifestyle. To accompany their exercise routines, a wearable tracker like Fitbit Alta HR is not only handy, it is hype as well.