Get to Know: Engraving Pieces

Wellness03 May 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Get to Know: Engraving Pieces

Talking to Hisato Suzuki, the creative mind behind Engraving Pieces haircut method, we understand that the art of hairdressing is a lot like sculpting.

We believe so because in hairdressing, the hair designer seeks beauty through the act of reducing, carefully molding, and revealing the hidden beauty of our crown.  Today, we get to know what in the world Engraving Pieces is, and why it is revolutionary.

Hisato Suzuki, the International Director of One Piece Hair Studio, takes the sculpting metaphor above to the next level. Known for his distinctive Engraving Piece method, Hisato is in literal sense a sculptor of beauty. This hair-cutting method is typically what people seek for as they enter One Piece studio, and they certainly have the reason why.

What is Engraving Pieces?

Spending 22 years scrutinizing creative hair design, Hisato understood that our body, more specifically our bone structures and hair textures, are predesigned. Thus, it is the duty of a hair designer to create a hairstyle that is not only personalized to mentioned characteristics, but to revise them whenever needed. With agile movements from scissor and razor, Engraving Piece method allows our whole facial appearance gets underlined. This is what Hisato called “Total Coordination”—where every strand of your hair is in proper balance to accentuate our facial structures.

Why all the fuss with haircut?

Hisato told us that there are two most important qualities from a hair designer: technique and sensibility. While the former is left out of question, the latter is brought under the spotlight. Hisato believes that a hair designer can only receive trusts from clients through perceptiveness to client’s personality and physical structures.

Where can I get it?

Located in busy district of Kemang, One Piece by Hisato Hair Studio is always filled with youthful energy. One Piece by Hisato fits adventurous and youthful people, since the Hair Studio is known for their experimental, premium hair treatment. This is also the haven for people who want to rethink of a haircut as a total transformation of beauty.

Right now would be a perfect time to get One Piece a visit, as the hair studio is currently releasing their 2018 Hair Collection Photos titled “SENSE”. The concept resembles keen intuitive awareness to the presence or importance of something. The six “senses” introduced in the collection include “rinjyoukan” (realism between imaginary and the real), “shinkin-kan” (innocence that makes you wiser and more mature), and “zaiaku-kan” (regret as a lesson to move on).


Lippo Mall Kemang, 1st Floor, Unit 2,

Jl. PangeranAntasari no. 36, South Jakarta

Phone +62 21 29528397

Photos Courtesy of ONE PIECE BY HISATO