Gender Neutral Haircut is In!

Beauty31 January 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Gender Neutral Haircut is In!

If there is a beauty trend from the latest 2018 Resort runways we’d nod our head to, it is the revolution of boyish haircut.

In the 90s, if we think of a boyish haircut, we would think of Demi Moore and Winona Ryder’s cute pixie cut that turned every girl crazy; from fashion editor to the girl in a grunge band.

Luckily enough, we are going to see its comeback in 2018—with a totally fresher look. Some designers and brands join the shaggy bandwagon to kill the gender-neutral look.

ISABEL MARANT: Did Anybody Say “Di Caprio”?

Who says pomade is for boys only? The French designer introduced the Leonardo di Caprio’s legendary sleek haircut. For the healthy wet-look, apply some water-based, light-hold pomade to front side of your hair. After that, divide your hair to the side or back with your fingers for an effortless look.

MAX MARA: The French Artist

Beret is every chin-length hair’s best friend. All you need to do is make some waves and pull your hair to one side. Messy curls with bangs? That also sounds good.

MIU MIU: New Girls on the Block

Is it the right year to perm? Well, maybe. The 90s boy band curls (that kinda makes us reminiscing about the old times gospel and soul divas) just mixed perfectly with any casual, vintage outfits—even the sun visor hat.

ROLAND MOURET: Not Your Grandma’s Pixie Cut

It’s Faye Wong’s iconic pixie cut during her performance in Hong Kong flick Chungking Express. If you happen to have oval-shaped face and well-structured jaw bone, this seemingly simple look is your all-time killer.

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