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Gadgets that Actually Help

Tech & biz31 October 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Gadgets that Actually Help

While adulting might be a burdensome phase of life, we would need gadgets that are not only sophisticated, but effectively make daily activities easier.

When it comes to function and ergonomical aspects, it is tricky to pick just the right gadget to make our daily life easier. Does it look good? Does it function the way we need it to? Is it easy to use? Is it reliable for the next few years? These questions might sound frightening now.

We collect a list of the latest gadgets in the last quarter of 2017 that actually work to help getting things done, reliable, and most of all - they look good.

There are so many VR kits and headsets going around tech exhibitions for the past year, but DELL simply caught our special attention with their upcoming DELL Visor. While VR Headsets tend to be bulky, heavy, and awkward on looks, Visor is praised for looking sharp, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. The gadget is released globally this October.

With the arrival of aerial camera becoming it-gadget for the past few years, manufacturers compete to bring fast-moving innovation for drones. Observing that there is not so many products available for newcomers market, Yuneec released Breeze 4 to make drones more practical in their class. It is lightweight, fits easily inside a backpack, but pretty reliable in quality. It is popular for its captivating digital stabilization and smartphone-built controller, making it a handy starter for amateurs to hobbyists.

With LF-S50G, Sony is targeting to release the best yet home speaker for smart home appliances enthusiasts. It employs a look typical to HomePod, but works with Google Assistant. Well-known for its audio quality products, Sony features omnidirectional two-stage diffuser for better surrounding experience and includes multi-room audio control as well as semi-waterproof body. This Google Assistant speaker also responds to gesture control in parallel with voice control.

Maintaining their aesthetic success with Infinity Display, Samsung is releasing 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 8 last September—making it the biggest infinity viewpoint gadget. It is a fine companion for professional work, thanks to its 3K screen resolution for optimum use of stylus handwriting. Note 8 also features best-in-class dual rear camera. While it proves to be a solid working companion, some may have to consider its enormous size that makes handling a little bit fiddly for some people.

For some coffee lovers, regular coffee-maker may feel repelling for lacking of control on how exactly we want our coffee to taste. If you do not always have time to drive to nearest coffee shop to get a decent cup, Breville Oracle Touch tries to offer a similar experience in your kitchen. Utilized with a touch screen, you have full control to every stage of processing your coffee, from grinding consistency to the temperature and duration of poured milk. It almost feels like having a manual-brew in your palm, only with precise assistance.

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