Fall Season To Do List
Robin Boy
09 October 2018

It is now the time to officially kiss summer goodbye and embrace fall with these exhilarating activities.

Some might consider fall as the best season of the year. With perfectly cozy weather and holiday being around the corner, there are actually tons of fun activities to do besides picking apples at your backyard.


There’s definitely no better way to kick off the season with a glass of fall-flavored sangria. There are lots of variations to try, such as the basic apple cider sangria, pear pomegranate sangria, cranberry sangria, and even strawberry citrus moscato sangria. Don’t hesitate to experiment in mixing your favorite fall fruits and the wine to make your days even more vibrant.


If you can’t stand sitting on the couch while watching horror movie under the warm blanket, then it’s time to get up and throw a party. Enjoying one (or two) bonfire party at your backyard with your inner circles or family is a great way to spend some quality time with them. Besides, it will also give you more excuse to eat those apple cider donuts and pumpkin pies you’re craving for.


Another way to enjoy fall is to plan a short trip to a quaint inn with a mesmerizing view of foliage. You can walk, bike, or jog in the morning while also enjoying the uncontaminated breezy fresh air. The view of nature will surely be a very much needed relaxing getaway from the hectic daily activities.


In case you’re out of warm sweaters in your closet to help you get through the older months, then sweater shopping is unquestionably a top priority. Besides, it is the most perfect time for you to find and buy those snuggly sweaters as the air is getting crisper. Consider it as an investment as you can totally wear them multiple times until winter ends.


Some villages in Europe are enjoying their ripening season, and Riquewihr in France may be one of the best pick this year. With hectares of flower and fruit yards, you can walk down the vineyard and visit the city’s world-famous winery. One or two wine-tasting sessions won’t hurt, you know.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Pinterest, TheStar, Maison Zimmer