Evolving Machines
Larasati Oetomo
03 April 2017

Super cars—devices that move and transform so fast in all literal sense. The high-end vehicle industry evolves so quickly even Charles Darwin himself would be surprised. At the first trisemester of 2017, we are presented by a number of super cars prototypes—from vintage-inspired Volkswagen van to never-before flying cars, from the effective hybrid rides to racetrack single-seater of BAC. These are set to be finished in 2019, while their looks are already around to tease.

BAC Mono

Mostly popular for its single-seater racetrack car BAC Mono, the British car manufacturers are now preparing a hybrid, double-seater hyper car that is friendlier to the road. BAC is also known to prepare its newfound flying car.


A campervan is one of the most symbolic pieces of Volkswagen that has become the symbol of many cultures. The legacy is set to be facelifted as VW I.D. Buzz that reminds us of Back in The Future film: vintage but fresh.


It captivates you; that's what the Faraday claimed about the FF 91. It is an amalgam of savage and nobleness. It is an electric car supported by intelligent internet system, perfect handling, and extra-luxurious appearance. This type is currently ready.


As an Asian newcomer, NextEV does not want to be seen low. Their NIO EP9 currently break two lap records at Nurburgring with 1,341 horse-power roaring inside the machine. It is currently the fastest electric car in the world. Who says being environmentally friendly is lame?