DIY: Volumized Hair
Kelly Beatrix
20 April 2017

Create a natural, volumized hair without having to worry about long hours of blow drying or backcombing. ┬áThese simple and easy steps will surely help you have that big, dramatic hair that you’re longing for.


To have the perfect volume, start by concealing your hair after washing them with Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner, a day-to-day lightweight conditioner that adds volume and softness to your hair. This conditioner is also perfect for those having a static-free hair. Containing natural ingredients, its formula gives density and radiance to hair, leave it smooth, shiny and long-lasting in form.


Before drying your wet hair, towel-dry your hair and apply Keranique Thickening & Texturizing Mousse. It helps thicken hair and protect it against the heat from styling tools. Pump foam directly to your hair and scalp, and then quickly massage it evenly from roots to the scalp and the end of hair. This could protect and support your scalp down to the hair tip. It also provides intense volume to your hair that will give an instant lift and fullness.


For a more volumizing effect, spray Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast on hair. Shake it before use and spray 10 inches away from your dry hair; it will add more volume and texture to your hair. This best-seller spray contains patent-pending expandable, textured aero-spheres called ETAS that are lighter. It also creates bigger-hair effects to deliver that dramatic look you want to achieve.


Last but not least, style your hair with GHD Curve that will give glamorous waves to your hair. This oval wand has a tri-zone technology that will give you healthy curls all day. Curl your hair upward and twist it around the wand. The classic wand will create deep and edgy shimmering waves on long hair. After curling your hair, finish it by spraying the Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast once again to keep it in place.